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Are you looking for perfect web hosting company? Your search ends here as LegitFox is a pioneer name in this sector. We have experienced work strength and 24 by 7 customer and technical support. From few page static websites to bulky dynamic websites, our services suit all types of requirement. It is our technological advancement and SSDs, which load websites much faster than others.

Optimized LiteSpeed Web Hosting Services India

LegitFox is a well known company in India for various types of hosting services. We have support system in different regional languages of India. We have numerous types of services, client first need to finalize requirements and we will come with the most affordable plan. It has been seen that beginners often deviate because of lack of knowledge. Our technical team will educate about fine pores of website and its propagation.

It is the reliability factor with LegitFox that has turned company popular. With small companies, downtime is always one of the problems. We guarantee that there will be 99.9 percent uptime so your business wouldn’t suffer. Some advantages of our hosting services:

  • 24/7 support system in different languages
  • Service level agreement
  • Regular backup so your data is secure.
  • Modern security system on servers
  • Latest cloud technology
  • Strongly abide to government’s privacy policy.
  • Infra development with load
  • Cache optimization system
  • Static and dynamic contents are faster than Apache
  • CSS compression technology so website loads fast
  • GZIP compression option available on server.

Why You Should Opt for LegitFox Web Hosting Services?

  • Initially when it comes to hosting then people want to opt for those companies, which have 24 hours support system, server security, fast network etc. We have all mentioned features available along with numerous types of services like cheap shared hosting, cheap reseller hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated servers.
  • Data centers are backbone of all web hosting companies. Some large companies have their own data centers while small ones often take on rent. We have latest routers, switches, dedicated UPS, multiple internet connections and other required infra. If your server is hosted in India then power supply becomes main issue. We have required equipments to deal with all types of problems.
  • We are into reselling too. If anyone wants to start own reselling business then you are most welcome, LegitFox is giving an opportunity through which you can earn good bucks quite easily. Ask our team to know more about the reselling option.
  • Easy installation of400+ different apps: we can’t imagine hosting services without proper scripts and PHP classes. 400+ scripts and more than 1000 different PHP classes are available. If you want to install blog, images, chatting option, discussion forum, shopping carts etc then all these are possible within few clicks.
  • Domain validation and SSL certification: we offer 100+ TLDs domain registration services at very low cost. We offer additional features like domain validation, wildcard certificates, company validation etc.
  • Cloud based services and SEO tool: We use cloud services for stability of various types of hosting services. You can activate various services like Cloudfair, Yoast SEO, SiteApps Optimization, SMB website etc.
  • Data migration in one go: there are numerous web hosting companies, which try to trick clients and data migration becomes very tough job with them. On other hand LegitFox has completely different policy, in case anything goes wrong then your data will be transferred without any additional cost and loss.
  • Data limitation confusion: numerous so-called cheap web hosting providers promise elephant and deliver mouse. We don’t do this drama, whatever assured, you will definitely get. You don’t need to struggle after buying any hosting plan. Select the location you want and features carefully.

Now we have answered some questions regarding web hosting?

Is cheap web hosting actually a marketing gimmick?

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What suits your website?

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  • We use only RAID based configuration, which maintains speed. SSD in RAID enhances speed more than ten times.
  • Processors are big deal in hosting and we have the most advanced one namely Intel Xeon E5 Dual Core processor.
  • Two tier server arrangement makes downloading fast.


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